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I have been lucky enough to listen to some amazing stories of people. Here are a few samples of Stories Worth Telling. It has been an absolute joy to interview some of the leaders in our area. These are people who are building movements, causes, and making an impact in the region by following their heart.

It is much harder than we think to start an organization from scratch. It’s very hard to lead an organization to make tangible impact in the region, however these people are doing it. It is my small hope and desire that we are able to highlight some of the people making a positive difference in the community.

These people can help to be shining examples of what we can all achieve, and also by highlighting their work perhaps we can better connect people and resources to ensure more effective, efficient communities. There are communities that are able to come together and it is only by the differences that we all inherently possess that we are able to come together into something much greater.

I hope you enjoy. 

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