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Choose the Best Candidate

Choose Best Candidate 2020 

Who is going to be the next Vice President in America?


Let us choose the best Vice Presidential candidate possible!

Each time we limit ourselves to “the best woman” or “the best person of color” or even “the best woman of color” it diminishes the key attributes, skills, and qualities of this individual. It limits the opportunities which this person is able to harness.


It demonstrates we are going after something or someone that fits the “bill” or the “mold” that might be “political” rather than the best candidate.. Let us move beyond political games and strategies and do what is best for the country. 


America is in dire straits, some might say. We must choose the best person possible for some of the most important spots.


How have some people from different backgrounds done around the world?


New Zealand

In New Zealand, they were one of the first countries to ‘eradicate’ COVID-19 under the leadership of their woman Premier, Jacinda Ardern. Her government imposed strict lockdown measures early on and maintained consistent messaging that instilled confidence and trust among New Zealanders. Now, they can reap the rewards of being the first country to eliminate the virus completely and focus on recovering their economy that is now fully opened. 


In Australia, they were also one of the leaders in the battle against the invisible disease thanks to their Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. The Prime Minister organized a coordinated response between the states and territories and the national government, known as the National Cabinet. This ensured that the multilateral public health and economic response was united and effective in its goal of mitigating the economic fallout of the virus while containing the  spread. 

As well, Finland took swift action against the virus under the leadership of Prime Minister Sanna Marin. She imposed a lockdown and travel restrictions early on that allowed a responsible reopening starting in early May. 

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Reimagine Police Officers

Reimagine Peace Officers


By: Cate Steel


Many people are debating the merits of defunding the police. This may be expressed more clearly as reimagining community policing. Just a simple change of a word may have a very powerful impact. Imagine changing the term police officer to peace officer.


What if we can reimagine their role in our community? Are some of the duties currently assigned to police officers better suited for social workers, counselors, clergy or community leaders?


What if we are able to work collaboratively to help build stronger community relations? For example, community members could provide an orientation/training period for the peace officer. They could become participants in the neighborhood activities, and evolve into friendly  members and role models for the community. We should provide dynamic feedback to achieve constant improvement for peace officers -- employing the manufacturing terms of kaizen

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Chat with Cate

Chat with Cate 


Catherine (Cate) Steel is hosting a new public Zoom series starting  Wednesday, April 29, 2020 featuring local experts talking about the issues that matter today. During the first panel, Cate will interview local business owners Ketty Plaku, of Rebeka’s Fresh Pasta Restaurant in East Lyme, and Melissa Gainsley, of L&J Blooms LLC (florist).







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Help during Corona

There are many ways that we can help during coronavirus outbreak. Some ways might be smaller, and other might be larger avenues to support and assist.

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