CTLCV Endorses Cate Steel

The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) has endorsed Cate Steel in her bid for the next State Representative of the 37th District.


"The environment is paramount -- we must strive to seek solutions that protect our soil, air, and water. We must come up with better solutions to reduce trash, improve recycling, and create avenues to drive towards less reliance on fossil fuels," Steel said. 

Further support and investment in environmental areas will help protect the health of our communities, as well as future generations. 




According to the release from CTLCV, "

"We are proud to support candidates like you who are committed to protecting Connecticut's environment and will make it a high priority at the state legislature."
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Labor Day: Importance of Rest

Labor Day 2020

By: Irving Steel

September 7, 2020

In a world where we are constantly pushing harder and harder and the seemingly endless 24/7 messages, concerns, and ideas it is easy to accustom ourselves to be "always on". This Labor Day, let us appreciate the fact that so many countless people in our community, State, and Country diligently work hard each and every day and not only deserve this special day off -- but they also require it for proper rest & recovery.

Some of the most talented athletes push their bodies to the extreme. They work harder than most people tearing their muscle fibers down each time they do another set, run another lap, or play another game. Constantly playing and hitting hard each and every day makes it so the muscles wear down too much. Even with the best amount of supplements and proper nutrition, it is still vital to take moments of pause and let the muscles recover.

The same line of thinking is for our entire mind, body, and spirit. 


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Creativity Heals

Creativity Heals

State Representative Candidate for District 37


How have you personally benefited from the arts or creative expression in the last few months? I believe that Arts are a way to recover from trauma, express your inner self, and create a better world. I have personally benefited from my work on the Board of Directors with Artreach, Heals in Norwich; Laughworks, Inc. (Improv), Virtual Storytelling, and Community Theater in East Lyme. When I lost my son to a gunshot wound, I didn’t know if I would ever care about living again. It was the beauty of nature that first got me up and out the door. I walked everyday and breathed in the goodness of the air and the landscape. After a year, I began to take drawing classes. Pen/Ink was my first

medium. I learned to love the details and the nuance of the object I replicated. I moved on to pastels which I still enjoy and playing the guitar. When people say, “Creativity heals, they are right."

What local arts experiences have you missed most during the shutdown? I have missed in person theater in auditoriums, sharing my storytelling talents with live audiences, playing my guitar in groups, and painting at the Lyme Art Association.


CT can’t recover without the arts. Arts and culture are key for CT’s economic recovery. Creative industries pump $9 billion into the state and account for 3.5% of CT’s total economy. Our non-profit arts organizations support 23,000 jobs, generate $800 million annually, and return $7 back in tax revenue for every $1 invested by the state.

How will you help harness the power of the arts for CT’s economic recovery? I will support legislation that promotes creativity and creative outlets. Programs and services that allow for the arts to continue are of paramount importance.



Catherine Steel 23 Rose Lane, East Lyme, CT 06333 860-235-0021 State Representative Candidate for District 37

Creativity helps us process loss, fight loneliness, and create vibrant, resilient communities that attract and retain residents, businesses, and visitors.

What do you think is an important role for arts and culture to play in healing and rebuilding the social fabric of our cities and towns? My

mother was a speech and drama teacher who believed that arts were good for the introvert as well as the extrovert. She thought that it helped the introvert come out of his/her shell. It helped the extrovert consider the needs of others and take turns. My mother also lost her son in a tragic fire right when she was in the middle of producing a Christmas show. She was able to get back on her feet and said, “The show must go on.” I learned that art in all its forms: performative, aesthetic, commercial, industrial all have its place and should be valued. Art heals and that is why I am the President of the Board for Artreach, Inc in Norwich because it heals.


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Sierra Club Endorsement

“Beyond blessed to be endorsed by an organization that is so well known for its stance on the environment; an issue that is close to my heart. Thank you Sierra Club for your support of me, and more importantly of Mother Nature. It’s the small actions and small groups of people that collectively come together for a larger purpose than ourselves.

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Water's Ripple Effect

August 25, 2020



Water’s Ripple Effect


By: Irving Steel and Sydney Zoehrer


East Lyme, CT—        The saying is well-known: it only takes a committed few in the community to spark a positive change.


The same is true in the analogy to the ripple effect of water -- the vital resource without which humans can live an amazingly short time before realizing its crucial significance to our lives.

United States Congressman from Connecticut's 2nd district, which includes Salem and East Lyme, Joe Courtney (D), was represented:


"The environment is a critical issue throughout the entire 2nd district, and especially along the shoreline: we must elect leaders who deeply care about our environment, vote in favor of policies that protect our waterways, and listen to experts in science," Rep. Courtney remarked.


"This requires a joint team effort at all three levels of Municipal, State, and Federal," says Rep. Courtney.


Read more on the CT Examiner.  

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