Steel Wins Debate


Elect Steel for Salem, East Lyme, to get Creative Solutions

Cate Steel Endorsed by The Working Family Party #RowC

Cate Steel Endorsed by Connecticut League of Conservation Voters

Cate Steel Endorsed by AFL-CIO

Cate Steel Endorsed by the Sierra Club

Candidate’s daughter, a veteran of The Day, won a Pulitzer







Reimagine Peace Officers from The Day

Silence Implies Consent from the Connecticut Mirror (@CTMirror)

Officially Endorsed for the 37th District!

New Zoom Series: "Chat with Cate"


Elected to the Board of Education: 


Thoughts for running for Board of Education: CT Examiner 


Here is the story about volunteering over Thanksgiving


Noreen Lavoie, second from left, of Lyme, chats with Cate Steel, second from right, on Thursday, Nov. 28, 2019, during the Thanksgiving dinner at Shoreline Church in Old Lyme.  (Dana Jensen/The Day)

(Photo Credit Dana Jensen at The Day)


Harry Danos mixes Artistry and Helping: A Veteran's Story 


A New Vets Coffeehouse Opens in Waterford 

Daughter winning the Pulitzer Prize 

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