Labor Day: Importance of Rest

Labor Day 2020

By: Irving Steel

September 7, 2020

In a world where we are constantly pushing harder and harder and the seemingly endless 24/7 messages, concerns, and ideas it is easy to accustom ourselves to be "always on". This Labor Day, let us appreciate the fact that so many countless people in our community, State, and Country diligently work hard each and every day and not only deserve this special day off -- but they also require it for proper rest & recovery.

Some of the most talented athletes push their bodies to the extreme. They work harder than most people tearing their muscle fibers down each time they do another set, run another lap, or play another game. Constantly playing and hitting hard each and every day makes it so the muscles wear down too much. Even with the best amount of supplements and proper nutrition, it is still vital to take moments of pause and let the muscles recover.

The same line of thinking is for our entire mind, body, and spirit. 


Labor Day is a joyous moment when we not only appreciate the sacrifices of people all around the country who have worked so hard. It is also the time where we can take the moment to let ourselves remember that there is a long road to go. It is not the destination, but the long, joyful journey that propels us into a better, brighter future.

At a time that it seems as though our country is becoming more and more divided by the day, it is also a moment where we can take a step back and realize that we have a lot more in common than the differences we have. Sure, we all may be like snowflakes with each individual being as quite unique, however the strength is when we come together. The snowflakes all unique coming together create a force mightier than anything else. Avalanches can take down buildings, people, and anything else in between. 

Let us rejoice in this day for its opportunity to rest, recovery, and remind ourselves that we are stronger together.

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