Environmental Policy

The Price Administration in the 1940’s said, “Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do. Or do without.”  During Roosevelt’s term this was in reference to economics.  In Cate’s family, they tried to always live simply and within our means.  In my mind, this  has environmental implications as well as economic. Cate’s involvement with  the first Earth Day more than 50 years ago was epic and life changing. We learned about our precious environment and the diminishing ozone layer. Cate  has attempted to reduce her carbon footprint in every step.  


 To this day: 

* We do not let the water run when we wash dishes or brush our teeth.  

*We pick up trash when we bike, walk, or hike.  

*We participate in litter pick up with other members of the DTC regularly. 

* We leave the parks or picnic areas better than when we arrive. 

* We value clean air, clean water and open land spaces.  

* We bike frequently and carpool when we can. 

* We recycle as much as we can and are careful consumers of products. 

* We believe in public transportation to minimize single passenger drivers. 

* We support legislation that protects clean air, clean water, and natural resources. 

*We are proud of our home grown vegetables and herbs in our gardens. 

*We prepare most of our meals from scratch using produce from our home or nearby markets. 


ENVIRONMENT:  The bottle bill in Connecticut was first introduced in January of 1980. Its purpose was to reduce litter and increase recycling. In 2009 the redemption rate was 63.8% and in 2016 the redemption rate dropped to 48.5% In 2009, water bottles were added to the redemption program. 

I believe that the Bottle Bill needs to be updated. 

  1. Increase the redemption rate from 5 cents to 10 cents. 
  2. Include nips bottles as well as water bottles and cans. 
  3. Reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.
  4. Improve our usage of solar power.
  5. Reduce waste and contaminants from entering our wetlands. 
  6. Protect our inland wetlands from invasive species. 
  7. Reduce/ eliminate the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals that destroy our environment. 

 When I ride my bike through the streets of the city, I see cans, bottles, and bags that could be/ should be recycled.  I also see lots of NIPS bottles.  When I have done

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