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This is really about you -- the reason I am running to be your next State Representative. Never before in my life has it felt like a better time to become more involved in the future steps of our community, State, and Country.  I seek to be your State Representative to fight for those who don't have a voice, those who need help, and to help us build back better than ever before. I am a proud American and enthused with the opportunity to make a difference.

+ Health Care

+ Health Care

Cate believes health care is a right. As our State Representative, Cate will champion expanding health care access and ending long-standing health inequities:






  • Environment:  




    I believe that everyone is entitled to a free and appropriate public education. I believe that all people can learn. I believe that parents are an integral part of their child’s learning.  I believe that teachers need to have the proper support to be able to function well in their teaching.  I believe that children should be given adequate support and duly challenged to achieve the appropriate outcomes. I believe in inclusion.  I believe that children should be encouraged to be creative and curious.  I believe that learning should be fun and that children should be encouraged and expected to succeed.  I believe that children should be prepared for their future upon completion of their academic programs. I believe that not all children should be expected to complete or participate in a college prep program. I believe that our children should be well rounded with opportunities to grow physically, mentally, socially and psychologically.   Technical educational opportunities are a worthwhile option.  I believe that we should all be lifelong learners.  I believe in intergenerational learning experiences to provide for a community of learners who grow and support each other through their shared experiences.  I believe that volunteers should be welcomed into the school to provide resources and opportunities for the children. I believe that we should create a community of learners.  I believe that children and adults should be treated with respect regardless of their age, status, color, or appearance.  I believe that multicultural education should be taught. I believe that anti-racism and bias should be made evident. I believe that stigmas and stereotypes should be reviewed. I believe that technology should be a tool to advance learning opportunities and learning outcomes.  



    People should have the opportunity to have good health and a host of support systems which maintain good standards.  Good food, exercise, and opportunities for socialization are all integral parts of good health.  People should have the opportunity to have quick and ready access to medical and social supports, or assistance to sustain and thrive in our world.  People should not be denied service because of a preexisting condition.  Mental health needs are of paramount importance and treated with the same respect that physical anomalies have. Frequent check-ins to ascertain the mental and physical well-being of community members should occur.  Medicines and remedies should be affordable and accessible. Preventative and proactive health care should be the standard and monies saved by preventing illnesses could be appropriated to provide greater access for all.  Healthy lifestyles should be incorporated into academic instruction and part of community efforts.  Non-pharmacological therapies and interventions should be explored and provided in conjunction with healthcare management to achieve wellness.  Audiological, dental, and vision evaluations should be conducted routinely. Quality remediation and support services should be provided for those who are in need. 


    Here are some common questions:


    1. Who is Cate? You can find out more on her short bio here.
    2. Why is she running? "The Secretary of State for Connecticut, Denise Merrill,  said that the most basic principle for running for office is the desire to make a difference."
    3. What does Cate hope to achieve? "Strong passion for improving our environment, education, and healthcare systems. To find out more on specific policy suggestions and recommendations, please check out the policy page and more detailed suggestions coming."
    4. How does Cate plan to achieve these? "Cate spent her career in education working with some of the hardest groups from elementary through college level educational psychology class. She is a hardworking, dedicated team player who strives to find solutions to existing problems. It isn't all about Cate -- it's about the team she is working with and the common values / missions we hold."

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